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At all times we strive to provide an exemplary service to all our valued customers.

With over 80 years’ experience installing and maintaining London’s passenger lifts, we pride ourselves on delivering safety, quality and customer satisfaction. Our specialist local knowledge coupled with over 100 highly skilled field-based staff mean we make sure there is safe and efficient lift performance with regular maintenance checks by our accredited team of lift engineers. 

PDERS has attained quality accreditation for the design, manufacture, supply, assembly, installation and final testing of passenger lifts in accordance with the European Lift Directive 95/16/EC. With a customer portfolio comprising major retailers, flats, office blocks, and social housing units, our success and reputation enjoyed as a family owned business is further enhanced through the infrastructure, back office systems, and support of our parent, The Express Lift Company (link to its homepage), one of the pioneers of the British lift industry over a hundred years ago. 

Serving the London Metropolitan Area, we are part of a national alliance that is complimentary in skillset and geography and are one of the autonomous subsidiaries of The Express Lift Co. 

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We design work processes that allow us to perform our jobs in the safest way possible, while delivering the highest quality products and services to our customers.

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